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Who:                 2017 Seniors & College Students

Where:             Haiti

When:              December 30th-Jan 5th 

Cost:                 $1500 (this could go up or down depending on flights)


Haiti Mission Trip

In the Caribbean, a small country offers plenty of ministry opportunities. Despite the tropical climate, friendly hospitality and plentiful fruit, natural disasters have crippled many areas of the country. Likewise, many Haitian people struggle under poverty and earn an annual income of roughly $1300. Our mission team can positively affect the people in Haiti as we share the gospel, meet practical needs and encourage the believers there.

Many current Haiti missions’ teams perform construction and seek to repair the damage caused by recent natural disasters. However, medical, teaching and children's ministry opportunities also abound. Along with Praying Pelican Missions, we will be partnering with churches across the country to complete new or established projects. We will work alongside a ministry led by native Haitians who love God, their country and their neighbors.

This year, our seniors and college students will be going to Haiti on a mission trip of a lifetime. As we meet the physical and practical needs of the Haitian people whom we serve, our team members will grow in their faith and shine brightly for Jesus. Sign up today and experience the world in a way that you have never experienced it and allow God to use you in a very special way. 


  • Pray!
  • Secure your spot with a $50 deposit by Sunday, February 26th
  • Register your account with us (90% of trip info will be in your online account & email)
  • Send off for your passport ( )  by March 1st 
  • Budget Money: (goals)
    • Personal money from jobs, Christmas, birthday, savings (10%)
    • Sponsorship letters (40%)   
    • Church-wide fundraiser (30%)     
    • Spirit nights on your own (20%)
  • Attend important meetings and fundraisers as outlined on your account.
  • Reach monthly goals and budget deadlines.
  • Ask questions!
  • Pray!


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