God's Word of Comfort Nursing Home Ministry
 Led By: George and Jan Cuventas
 Contact Email:
 Contact Phone: 803-386-2777

Weekly Bible Study
held each Monday
from 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Magnolia Manor Nursing Home
for its residents

OUR GOAL:  To provide the Gospel to residents while providing encouragement and comfort to all people in this facility. Many in care facilities face new challenges which can be difficult for them. We want to be there with God's love and Message for those in need.

OUR MISSION: The ministry centers on Magnolia Manor Nursing Home. The outreach purpose draws the nursing home residents, saved and unsaved, closer to Jesus.  The ministry team builds and maintains genuine, personal friendships with the residents.  When opportunities to witness unfold, team members present Salvation through Jesus Christ. Team members listen to stories, problems, joys and frustrations, and reach out in prayer, to help the residents leave these concerns at the feet of Jesus.

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